glad to meet you

Nice to meet you, my name is Shuly
The educational games and products I create are happy, surprising and inspire success.

My Story

For the past 24 years I have been meeting with children on a daily basis and believe that success and
joyful learning build self-confidence, sense of competence and happy children.
You are welcome to read my life story …

Hello and nice to know you. My name is Shuly Livni.
In my profession, I am a didactic diagnostician and an expert in language teaching , teaching learning strategies and learning disabilities. I work in Education and work with children for 24 years. I believe in our adult functioning and in our ability to influence children’s lives, their own belief-formation, and their ability to act.
I established “Libby Educational Products for Enjoyable Learning” to develop and create educational games and tools for children,  that Based on my professional knowledge and experience. I believe that learning should be enjoyable and growing! I believe that the first years of education shape us and influence our choices in our adult lives!
I invite you to read my personal story that tells why I have chosen to work with children and to influence their lives! I invite you to be part of who I am, I invite you to enjoy the educational tools and games I create. They contain tremendous knowledge, precision, success, first-level professionalism, a huge heart, joy and a little child who has become a huge.
To read my story….My life story and childhood experiences made me who I am today. This story leads me to promote,
create and influence the lives of children.
I am the “Sabra” who was born in Israel to new immigrant parents. To be born to new immigrants, to
speak a mother tongue that is not Hebrew, create a strong internal need to integrate and be as Israeli as
When I was two years old and we followed my father, the doctor, to the African continent on behalf of
the Foreign Ministry, in order to establish foreign relations with the African countries. A magical
childhood, unimaginable freedom, living in a rural area surrounded by local tribes, with no official
educational framework available. A little girl chatting in French (the native language) and Bulgarian
(mother tongue) and attending official events with outsiders, embassies and local people.
Just before returning to Israel, my parents decide to go on a trip around Europe, and due to my young
age, I move in with my grandmother in Bulgaria for 5 months. There I became a fluent Bulgarian speaker
and the French is forgotten.
Here begins the revolution that in the distant future determined my destiny in life.
The return to Israel. From a fascinating, unconventional life without educational frameworks, I
immediately “parachute” into first grade. Five and a half years old, not speaking Hebrew and not
understanding what my place is within this defined framework. I remember my school years as a bad
experience to say the least, a student who is almost okay, survives, manages, sometimes fails and is
transparent, the road was full of bumps and lumps. it took years, but I finally reached the finish line.
I never shared these feelings. Worse – I hid them because I was ashamed, I did not think it could be any
Luckily, I also had a loving family, a youth movement that empowered me, and sports that I enjoyed,
thanks to which I gained success and excellence. Continuing a very successful military service, and for
me my future path was clear. I chose to make a difference. I decided to influence.
I chose to be an educator with whom children learn differently, to grow, succeed and believe in
Today I am an educator with an MA, a didactic diagnostician, a teacher for learning strategies, and
adaptive teacher in languages, mathematics and English. A learning disabilities specialist, a lecturer, a
counselor, an educational team leader, an educational entrepreneur, an educational creator, who
spends every day with children.
Yes, I discovered the secret magic. I am here so that our children will succeed and be ready for the next
I Invite you to be part of my world, to enjoy the educational tools and games I create. They contain
tremendous knowledge, accuracy, success, top-notch professionalism, a lot of heart, joy and a small girl
who has become a giant.
Yours, Shuli Levi Livni
Libby Educational products for joyful learning
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